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  • Awadhesh Mishra

    Author, Awadhesh Mishra, born at Allahabad district, Uttar Pradesh. Inspired by famous Sayar Sahir Ludhianavi, started writing songs in teenage age. After completing his graduation (B.Sc) he shifted to Ankleshwar, Gujarat and presently he in the business and staying at Ankleshwar , Gujarat, India. Yoga and Meditation is his passion. His work can be categorized in three category - lyrics/poet, spiritual seeker and businessman. He likes to write against disbelief and blind faith about Dharm and Religion. About this blog, he is saying that whatever he is receiving and experiencing in this world, the same is being returned in form of songs and scripts. According to him spirituality is not to read spiritual books, not speak spiritual word, not to listen spiritual stories, but to understand and implement the truth in real life. Meditation is the only way to feel the truth in life and self realization.

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